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Old AmazingPhil Videos - requested by theegyptgame

Where's the gif of Dan saying Phil invented loads of tags/challenges and is underrated from?

its from a liveshow of his and heres a link to the clip of it: (x) :)

need a quick little favor

ok so for my next gifset i want to include this gif of phil speaking french in phil is not on fire, but i dont know how to spell some of the words he’s saying to caption it, so if any of you know how to spell what hes saying from 2:27-2:33 that would be super helpful thanksss ^_^

i think i found another repost (at least i believe these are yours): theultimatefandomblog(.)tumblr(.)com/post/93389746043/

yeah those are mine -_- and its the same person too! thanks for telling me about all of these hopefully theyll stop after i send them an ask to stop. thank you :)

edit: they just responded to me and they were nice about it and said they were sorry so everythings good now :)

I didn't see you post dan's pics but Omg thank you for being so good about it when people told you about them. THIS phandom, is how things like this should be dealt with.

^^ thank you :)

omg you are so mature about the whole pictures thing, its nice to see that <33 u are a sweetiee

aw thank you i feel so bad though i dont want to hurt/make dan mad EVER although i really shouldnt be praised for it should be the basic response to something like that but thank you anyways youre a sweetie too ^_^

i don't think that naked dan pic is a good idea he got really angry when phandom spread the picture last time :/

im sorrryy i had no idea that happened ill take it down 

hi yes sorry if this sounds rude but can u pls not post dan's old semi-naked dailybooth pictures? it's sort of disrespectful tbh and can really harm him if the bbc got a hold of them or if a future employer did and well i mean would you like it if your naked pictures were being posted all over the internet like five years after you posted them bc it's not really fair on dan and yh sorry if this is rude i just wanted to say something

not rude at all im sorry i didnt realize that i took it down immediately sorrrrryyyyy (ALSO IF YOU REBLOGGED IT FROM ME BEFORE I DELETED IT PLEASE DELETE IT AND ILL GIVE YOU HUGS OR SOMETHING THANK YOU IM SORRY DAN)

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